Barbara Lorenz

Film / TV

Lucy in the Sky - Natalie PortmanLucy In The Sky - Natalie PortmanLucy In The Sky - Natalie PortmanLucy In The Sky - Natalie PortmanThe Morning show (S.2) - Mark DuplassThe Morning Show (S.2) - Greta LeeThe Morning Show (S.2) - Billy CrudupThe Morning Show (S.2) - Billy CrudupDestroyer - Nicole KidmanBig Little Lies (S.2) - Laura DernHome Again - Michael SheenHome Again - Michael SheenAnything - Matt BomerLa La LandThe Nice Guys - Russell CroweThe Last Days In The Desert - Ewan McGregorThe Judge - Vera FarmigaYou're Not You - Hillary SwankThe Trials of Cate McCall - Kate BeckinsaleLittle Fockers - Barbara StreisandLittle Fockers - Barbara StreisandYou Again - Kristen BellIt's Complicated - Meryl StreepBride Wars - Kate HudsonIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Cate BlanchettThe Newsroom - Emily MortimerRed Eye - Rachel McAdamsTheir Eyes Were Watching God - Halle BerryFreaky Friday - Jamie Lee Curtis & Lindsey LohanMaster and Commander - The Far Side of The World - Russell Crowe


Batman Forever- Nicole KidmanBatman Forever- Nicle KidmanBatman Returns- Michelle PfiefferWhen Harry Met Sally- Meg RyanWhen Harry Met Sally- Meg RyanThe Doors- Meg RyanTo Die For- Nicole KidmanOceans- Bette Midler